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ZipScript™ One-Step RT-qPCR Mix

Enzymatics is pleased to announce the launch of ZipScript™ One-Step RT-qPCR mix, a high efficiency RNA-dependent multiplex qPCR formulation.

ZipScript, featuring Enzymatics’ own blend of RNAse H minus reverse transcriptase (EnzScript) and fast-activating hot start DNA polymerase (Phoenix Hot Start Taq), delivers users an extremely sensitive RT-qPCR mix in a single tube format.

Product features

  • High Sensitivity – detect as low as 0.5pg of RNA
  • Wide Range of Detection – 0.5pg – 500pg of RNA
  • Multiplexing – up to 5 targets per reaction
  • Ease of Use – single tube reaction format
  • High Quality Manufacturing – reduced inter-assay variability, maximized data validity
"Berry competes in the highly competitive, price sensitive genomic services and clinical sequencing market, and has been working closely with Enzymatics since our inception in 2010. Enzymatics consistently tops our list of valued partners by consistently meeting our needs for aggressive pricing and high quality enzyme products in support of our genome sequencing services and clinical sequencing program."
Daixing ZhouPh.D. CEO Berry Genomics Co. Ltd
"As an entrepreneur, I invent technologies that disrupt genomic science. Partnering with Enzymatics for world-class reagents and unique commercialization capabilities has consistently enabled my teams to rapidly turn these innovations into first-to-market customer solutions, to the great benefit of science and medicine."
Jonathan Rothberg Founder of 454 Life Sciences, Raindance Technologies, and Ion Torrent Systems
"With their consistently high-quality products and their collaborative culture, Enzymatics has been a wonderful partner for our companies."
John StuelpnagelDVM, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Ariosa Diagnostic; and Co-Founder and former COO, Illumina
"...the efficiency of the ligation step appears to be improved by the use of ultrapure ligases such as those from Enzymatics, which are virtually free of the contaminating exonuclease activity generally found in commercial preparations of ligases. Using this enzyme we achieved a 20-30% increase in yield of successfully ligated fragments."
"The democratization of DNA sequencing for the benefit of human health is a passion that has spanned my career. From my perspective as a key advisor to the industry, it is clear that Enzymatics has changed the economics and quality of sequencing and is an invaluable partner to the genomic healthcare community as it enables mass adoption of these important technologies."
Dr. George ChurchProfessor of Genetics (Harvard, MIT, Wyss Institute, Broad Institute)