Download the Archer Analysis Pipeline Virtual Machine

The analysis software is provided as a virtual machine image, allowing for easy installation and maintenance using Oracle™ VirtualBox or VMware Player/Fusion or vSphere virtualization.

For demonstration purposes we have provided a publically available website at

NOTE: Due to the public nature of this website, we suggest NOT using this demo site with patient or otherwise sensitive data.

Minimal requirements Optimal server configuration
  • 16 GB Ram
  • 1 CPU Core
  • 70 GB free disk space
  • Oracle VirtualBox (Version 4.3.16+) or VMware Fusion/Player
  • 256 GB Ram
  • 32 CPU Cores
  • 1 TB free disk space
  • VMware vSphere virtualization

Download (.zip)

  • Virtual Machine for Windows and Macs. (NOTE: 64-bit unzip program required, such as the free 7-zip or equivalent)

Download (.tar.gz)

  • Virtual machine for Linux or Macs

Download the Archer Analysis Pipeline Command Line Version

For users that would like to install the command line version, for integration in existing pipelines we have provided the command line version.

NOTE: There are a large number of dependencies that are required but are not part of the installation package. Please see the manual for information about the dependencies and where to obtain them.

Download the Command Line package