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Products: RNA Enzymes

Need a custom reagent formulation not published on our website? Enzymatics can customize all of our products to match your exact formulation requirements. Is there an enzyme missing from our catalog? We would be happy to custom manufacture your desired protein. Please contact, or call (888) 927-7027 to discuss the details.

RNA Enzymes

Product Name Part No. Unit Size Concentration Price Notes
RNAse Inhibitor
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Y9240L 20,000 U 40,000 U/ml $363 Porcine-derived non-competitve inhibitor of RNAse A, B, C. Does not inhibit RNAse H activity. Add to Cart
Poly(A) Polymerase
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P7460L 1,000 U 5,000 U/mL $363 Catalyzes the addition of AMP from ATP to the 3′ hydroxyl of RNA which is useful for making polyA tailed RNA. Add to Cart
EnzScript™ (MMLV Reverse Transcriptase RNase H-)
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P7600L 10,000 U 200,000 U/mL $128/pack RNA-dependent DNA polymerase with no detectable RNase H activity. Add to Cart
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Y9220L 5,000 U 5,000 U/ml $363 Cleaves RNA strand of DNA:RNA hybrids. Useful for removing mRNA during second-strand cDNA synthesis. Add to Cart

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