Enzymatics was founded on the principle that in order to fully unlock the potential of high resolution nucleic acid tests, it is imperative that we consistently manufacture our enzymes to an uncompromised level of performance and contamination specifications, even at industrial production scale. We built the company to deliver against an unprecedented set of quality metrics and configured our departments, production oversight, training, and process control systems to ensure conformance to these metrics.

Most importantly, by integrating our customers as key partners, we opened a feedback loop with the most sophisticated examiners of our quality.  To this day we work closely with our customers to understand the “critical to quality” metrics of their applications, leveraging those unique requirements to pressure test and continually improve the quality of our products.  Our primary quality objective is to be certain that when product leaves Enzymatics and enters a customer’s incoming inspection process that it will pass every single time.

We welcome our partners to audit our manufacturing facilities.


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Quality Policy

Enzymatics’s management and employees are committed to manufacturing innovation, exceptional flexibility, and a focus on Quality for the purpose of Catalyzing the Genomic HealthCare Revolution™. Compliance with our customers’ requirements as well as applicable regulatory and statutory requirements shall underlie all of our efforts to ensure the delight of our customers.

Quality Objectives

  • Quality is the responsibility of every staff member.
  • Enzymatics will satisfy customer requirements by striving to meet product quality objectives through effective and compliant processes.
  • We will maintain a quality management system that meets or exceeds the requirements of the current standards for our products.
  • Our employees’ commitment to continuous improvement and teamwork will provide the basis for achieving our quality objectives.