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ZipScript™ One-Step RT-qPCR Mix

Enzymatics is pleased to announce the launch of ZipScript™ One-Step RT-qPCR mix, a high efficiency RNA-dependent multiplex qPCR formulation.

ZipScript, featuring Enzymatics’ own blend of RNAse H minus reverse transcriptase (EnzScript) and fast-activating hot start DNA polymerase (Phoenix Hot Start Taq), delivers users an extremely sensitive RT-qPCR mix in a single tube format.

Product features

  • High Sensitivity – detect as low as 0.5pg of RNA
  • Wide Range of Detection – 0.5pg – 500pg of RNA
  • Multiplexing – up to 5 targets per reaction
  • Ease of Use – single tube reaction format
  • High Quality Manufacturing – reduced inter-assay variability, maximized data validity