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Webinar by Dr. Anthony John Iafrate, hosted by Enzymatics, Inc.

May 20, 2014 9:00 AM MDT — Enzymatics, Inc. is hosting a webinar by renowned cancer pathologist Dr. Iafrate, Associate Professor in Pathology at Harvard Medical School. His presentation, Clinically Actionable Gene Fusions Detected with NGS, will focus on recent developments in his laboratory enabling multiplex detection of gene fusions by next-generation sequencing. A peek at the future of personalized medicine, this novel detection methodology permits stratification of patients into actionable trial groups based on the nature of the mutations and gene fusions unique to that patient.

Practicality of current tests to detect rare fusion events

About John Iafrate, MD, PhD

Anthony John Iafrate, MD
Dr. Iafrate, a board-certified pathologist at Massachusetts General Hospital, specializes in thoracic and brain cancers but is expanding approaches to all malignancies. His lab focuses on genetic fingerprints guiding novel targeted cancer therapies. His research pioneered SNAPSHOT, a targeted genotyping assay recognizing over 100 common mutations in cancers. His lab has also been highly involved in  diagnostic development for ALK-positive lung cancers indicative of  crizotinib efficacy.

Prior to working for Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard University, Dr. Iafrate received his MD and PhD degrees from State University of New York at Stony Brook and subsequently trained at Brigham and Women’s Hospital for Anatomic and Molecular Genetic Pathology. His pivotal post-doctoral work elucidated a novel mechanism behind human genetic diversity: copy number variation (CNV).

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