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Thon de Boer’s webinar on Archer’s Analysis Software

We’ve appreciated your feedback on the Archer Analysis Pipeline and are pleased to show you the fruits of your requests as Dr. Thon deBoer presents this webinar on New Archer Pipeline Features and Updates.

You’ll get a sneak peak at some of the new capabilities and enhancements, like the ability to probe DNA/RNA mutations and enumerate copy number variations, graphical metrics output, and better progress indications.

New Archer Analysis Pipeline Features

  1. Support for the new RNA Fusion assays
  2. Identification of RNA mutations
  3. Identification of DNA mutations
  4. DNA Copy Number variations

Enhancements Include

  1. Information on the progress of the analysis
    1. Progress bar for upload
    2. Progress bar and information for running analysis and ability to stop an analysis
    3. Information about position in the queue
  2. More and improved Quality Metrics
    1. Fragment length info and plot. Used in QC status
    2. Exon/Intron Ratio and use in QC Status
    3. DNA/RNA Ratio
  3. Support for more complex fusions in RNA data
  4. Support for detecting novel isofoms in RNA data
  5. Software update mechanism allows for intermediate updates without having to replace the complete VM
  6. Ability to change the default settings for QC and variant detection limits
  7. Integrated help in popups and roll over
  8. Access to the BAM and other results files for visualization and downstream analysis
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About Thon de Boer

38211a4Thon is the Director of Software at Enzymatics and a bioinformatics veteran with greater than 15 years of Experience. Thon received his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from the Free University of Amsterdam and has done amazing work for Genomic Health, GeneSpring, Avadis NGS, and Vector NTI before settling with us in Enzymatics.


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