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Products: Ultrapure Ligases

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Ultrapure Ligases

Product Name Part No. Unit Size Concentration Price Notes
Taq DNA Ligase
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L6060L 20,000 U 40,000 U/ml $443 Thermostable DNA ligase which efficiently seals nicks and discriminates against mismatch ligation. Add to Cart
T7 DNA Ligase
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L6020L 900,000 U 3,000,000 U/ml $443 1000 fold higher activity on sticky ends than blunt ends. Add to Cart
T4 RNA Ligase 1
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L6050L 10,000 U 20,000 U/ml $443 Single-stranded RNA ligase. Also joins single-stranded DNA molecules. Add to Cart
T4 DNA Ligase (Rapid)
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L6030-HC-L 240,000 U 600,000 U/ml $707 “Ultrapure ligase” referenced in Nature Methods (Quail, 1 December 2008). Add to Cart
T3 DNA Ligase
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L6010L 900,000 U 3,000,000 U/ml $443 Works in high ionic strength up to 1.0 M NaCl. Add to Cart
T4 DNA Ligase
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L6030-LC-L 150,000 U 120,000 U/ml $443 Low concentration overnight ligation format. Add to Cart
T4 RNA Ligase 2 Truncated
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L6070L 500 U 5,000 U/ml Inquire Requires a preadenylated 5′ phosphate containing DNA or RNA to ligate to 3′ hydroxyl of RNA. Add to Cart
T4 RNA Ligase 2
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L6080L 4,500 U 30,000 U/ml $443 Ligates nicks on double stranded DNA and from the 3′ OH of RNA to the 5′ phosphate of DNA in double stranded structures. Add to Cart
E. coli DNA Ligase
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L6090L 2,500 U 10,000 U/ml $443 Efficiently ligates DNA at nicks and cohesive termini. Blunt-ended termini can be joined in the presence of PEG. Add to Cart

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