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WGS Ligase

Product Description

WGS Ligase is optimized for ligation following WGS Fragmentation. It catalyzes the formation of a phosphodiester bond between the terminal 5′ phosphate and a 3′ hydroxyl groups of duplex DNA or RNA. The enzyme efficiently joins blunt and cohesive ends and repairs single stranded nicks in duplex RNA, RNA, or DNA/RNA hydrid (1).

Source of Protein
A recombinant E.coli strain carrying the cloned T4 DNA Ligase gene

Unit Definition
1 unit is defined as the amount of DNA Ligase required to join 50% of 100 ng of DNA fragments with cohesive termini in 50 µl 1X DNA Ligase Buffer following a 30 minute incubation at 23°C.

Molecular Weight
55,292 Daltons

Quality Control Analysis

Unit Activity is measured using a 2-fold serial dilution method. Dilutions of enzyme batch were made in 1X DNA Ligase Reaction Buffer and added to 20 µL reactions containing double stranded DNA fragments and 1X DNA Ligase Reaction Buffer. Reactions are incubated for 30 minutes at 23°C, stopped, and analyzed on a 1% agarose gel stained with ethidium bromide.

Protein Concentration is determined by OD280 absorbance.

Physical Purity is evaluated by SDS-PAGE of concentrated and diluted enzyme solutions followed by silver stain detection. Purity is assessed by comparing the aggregate mass of contaminant bands in the concentrated sample to the mass of the protein of interest band in the diluted sample.

Single-Stranded Exonuclease is determined in a 50 µL reaction containing a radiolabeled single-stranded DNA substrate and 10 µL of enzyme solution incubated for 4 hours at 37°C.

Double-Stranded Exonuclease is determined in a 50 µl reaction containing a radiolabeled double-stranded DNA substrate and 10 µL of enzyme solution incubated for 4 hours at 37°C.

Double-Stranded Endonuclease is determined in a 50 µL reaction containing 0.5 µg of plasmid DNA and 10 µL of enzyme solution incubated for 4 hours at 37°C.

E.coli 16S rDNA Contamination is evaluated using 5 µL replicate samples of enzyme solution denatured and screened in a TaqMan qPCR assay for the presence of contaminating E.coli genomic DNA using oligonucleotide primers corresponding to the 16S rRNA locus.

Supplied in:
10 mM Tris-HCl
50 mM KCl
1 mM dithiothreitol
0.1 mM EDTA
50% Glycerol
pH 7.5 @ 25°C

Supplied with:
B9020: 330mM Tris-HCl
50mM MgCl
30% PEG 6000
pH 7.6 @ 25°C

Product Information

WGS Ligase
Part NumberL6030-W-L
Unit Size24 Reactions
Volume0.24 mL
SDS Available on request

Product Specification*

Storage Temperature-25⁰C to -15⁰C
Test Units Tested Specification
SDS PurityN/A>99%
Specific ActivityN/A300,000 U/mg
SS Exonuclease6,000 U< 1.0 % Released
DS Exonuclease6,000 U< 1.0 % Released
DS Endonuclease6,000 UNo Conversion
E.coli DNA Contamination6,000 U< 10 copies

* For a detailed summary of assay conditions and data, refer to the Quality Controls Analysis section.


  1. Engler, M.J. and Richardson, C.C. (1982) P.D. Boyer (Eds.), The Enzymes, 5, pp. 3. San Diego: Academic Press.

Limitations of Use
This product was developed, manufactured, and sold for in vitro use only. The product is not suitable for administration to humans or animals. SDS sheets relevant to this product are available upon request.

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