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SPARK™ DNA Sample Prep Kit Ion Torrent™ Platform

Product Description

Preparation of library DNA is an important process for successful amplification on Ion Torrent™ platforms and subsequently generates valuable sequencing data. This kit provides room temperature stable reagents to convert double stranded fragmented DNA into libraries. TheSPARK™ DNA Sample Prep Kit is primarily designed for constructing genomic DNA libraries. All enzymes and buffers required are provided as room temperature stable mixes that can convert 10 ng to 1 µg of fragmented dsDNA into library DNA.

Quality Control Analysis

DNA Library Construction Assay
Plasmid DNA fragmented to 300-500 base pairs was blunt ended using re-hydrated End Repair Mix. Re-hydrated Ligation/Nick Repair Mix was then used to ligate non phosphorylated double-stranded barcoded DNA adaptors and seal the resulting nick. The adaptor ligated DNA was subjected to PCR amplification and samples from all steps were analyzed using a HS DNA chip on an Agilent Bioanalyzer.

Supplied with:
End Repair Mix (LY0001V-2): A DNA polymerase produces blunt ended dsDNA fragments and a DNA kinase phosphorylates their 5′ ends.

Ligation/Nick Repair Mix (LY0004V-1): A DNA Ligase installs barcoded dsDNA adapters to blunt dsDNA fragments and a polymerase seals the nick

Product Information

SPARK™ DNA Sample Prep Kit Ion Torrent™ Platform
Part NumberSPK0002-V08
Unit Size8 Reactions
SDS Available on request

Product Specification*

Storage TemperatureRoom Temperature
Assay DNA Library Construction Assay

* For a detailed summary of assay conditions and data, refer to the Quality Controls Analysis section.

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Limitations of Use
This product was developed, manufactured, and sold for in vitro use only. The product is not suitable for administration to humans or animals. MSDS sheets relevant to this product are available upon request.

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